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Not Just Any Caper, A Magic Caper!

08 Apr 2013

You know what? I’m getting tired about listening to myself talk about how to fix video games. I’m going to talk about caper stories. Actually, I want to talk about a specific one! Mistborn! When people pitch the book to new readers everyone typically says the same thing: “Imagine Ocean’s Eleven with magic!” Then people […]

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Should Legend Of Zelda Become An RPG?

01 Apr 2013

Short answer: No. But I can’t cheat like that. There’s been a growing circle of gamers and reviewers that feel that the Legend of Zelda franchise needs innovation. The franchise is known for… oh for shit’s sake it’s Zelda! You know what it’s infamous for! Great level design, puzzles, fantasy adventure, dungeon crawling, keys that […]

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How To Create A “Fresh” RPG

24 Mar 2013

It occurs to me that, given the amount of things I’ve talked about up until this point I haven’t spoken about what some of you may call my new claim to fame: RPGs. New being a relative term as I’ve been roleplaying since 2003 and I’ve only become remotely known for it in the last […]

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SimCity, The New City Of Sin?

18 Mar 2013

So less than one I find myself writing another entry on how people can’t play a game because of online DRM restrictions. Things tend to happen in twos on this journal. Ah yes, SimCity. The fifth iteration (if you don’t count societies) of the illustrious simulation game franchise that launched Will Wright into a career […]

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Defiance, Boldy Going Where?

11 Mar 2013

When I first heard about the game Defiance about a month ago I was immediately suspicious of the title as it was a console and PC release that I hadn’t heard of. Let me explain: all true game developers and publishers suffer from something I like to call fear. Fear that their title will not […]

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And Now, The People Who Entertain You Give You: Words!

05 Mar 2013

Tom, our illustrious overlord has seen fit to wish for more written content upon his webpage. In that fit of madness he sought the aid of a lunatic so twisted and maligned that the very bastions of good prose and sensible logical flow were forever lost to him. Namely me. Who am I? I am […]

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