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Let’s Talk A Lot More About Exalted

29 Sep 2013

Would you look at that? One hundred posts. One hundred instances of my writing out there. Well, let’s cut the foreplay and hit this shit. Click to continue reading…    

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So, You Want To Play Exalted

23 Sep 2013

Apparently for all of my whining about not having ideas for my journal it takes only a single question on twitter to get me roaring. Because the universe just likes to point at me and scream “WRONG!” Now as some of you may know I do tend to go on a variety of subjects. However, […]

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Gargantia And The Title That’s Hard To Spell

16 Sep 2013

Recently it’s been hard to be an anime fan. Well, actually it’s gotten easy… Let me explain this better. I don’t know what happened this past year or two, but somewhere along the way there was this entire new crop of anime waiting for me to watch. In recent years (At least since 2007-2008 or […]

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A Worthy Return To The Shadows?

09 Sep 2013

It’s hard to review sometimes. In this case my problem comes from grading the final product of what was effectively an underdog story. For those of you who don’t know a small studio known as Harebrained Schemes got Kickstarter backing to create a Shadowrun game last year. They achieved their goal and then quadrupled the […]

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The What DS?

02 Sep 2013

Oboy. This is unexpected. Yeah, unexpected. I mean, I just did a few double takes at this one, then checked it on Forbes to make sure that it was real. By now many of you will know about the new model of 3DS known as the 2DS. The idea is to make a price-reduced entry […]

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Bad Comics, You Should Know Better

27 Aug 2013

There’s something to be said for the current nature of comics. A while back I went and wrote a two part diatribe about the current inherent flaws of comics. When I did so it was with the intent of underlying a much more invisible problem then the more commonly addressed flaws in the comic industry. […]

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An Odd Response

19 Aug 2013

Recently I’ve gotten excited about a game that’s come out that isn’t titled The Last of Us. It’s actually called Divinity Dragon Commander. In it you play a man who is half dragon and thus can transform into a dragon. You are the bastard son of the late king and after your father was slain […]

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05 Aug 2013

Here’s a weird one. If we can credit me with anything it’s that I can find the origin of heroes, story elements and event sentences apparently. So  the question arises: is it possible for me to get stumped? That answer is yes. I’ve gone on a fair bit about Castlevania as a franchise and how […]

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