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Tom Talks – Vlog #5 – Where is Vlog 4?

20 Jun 2015

So I was really boring for a solid week and had nothing at all to talk about. But here is this weeks video, a little late but still here!

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Tom Talks – Vlog 3: Animes

03 Jun 2015

Not a lot happened this week because of North 2 weeks ago. Been taking it easy and watching a lot of Anime.

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Tom Talks – Vlog #2: Anime North 2015

28 May 2015

This past weekend I was at Anime North 2015 and did a proper Cosplay for the first time. It was a ton of fun!

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Tom Talks – Vlog #1: Updates

20 May 2015

The videos are back! First live streams then videos? Its like we are getting back into motion or something…

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How to Capture PS4 on PC

17 Nov 2013

With the release of the PS4 this week I felt it was important to give you a video on how to capture the console on your PC. There are built in features to help you get started, but its limited in what you can use and interface with. So I give you this video to […]

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Tom Talks – Star Trek Into Darkness

18 May 2013

Tom and his roommate Ryan went to see the new Star Trek movie Into Darkness, over all they really enjoyed it and think its worth seeing. If you want the details, well here is the video!

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Tom Talks – Iron Man 3

17 May 2013

Tom and his brother David went to see Iron Man 3 last night for Davids birthday. Over all good times where had by both brothers and they really enjoyed the movie! The video is kept spoiler free for the first 16min, then with plenty of warning they decided to go more in depth complete with […]

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Toms Update May 5th 2013

05 May 2013

Here is a quick little update from me…. Tom…. as the status of some upcoming videos that are being worked on. As well as the reason for the sudden hair cut!

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