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Where did we go?

30 Apr 2014

Hey guys, Tom here with another update! I know it’s been a while since we last gave you guys some news, so here we go! The big question is what have we been up to? As some of you might remember, about a year ago I lost my full time job. I basically took the […]

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Announcing Assassins Creed Charity!

19 Apr 2013

Hey guys! We have an exciting new project to announce. This July, we’ll be teaming up with ConBravo and Childs Play to bring you Assassins Creed Charity. ACC is an Assassins Creed full series marathon live stream. That’s right. We’re playing all of them, in a row. We have a great cast of players and […]

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Pixels Edge at EMC

16 Mar 2013

Hey guys! Remember on the stream I have been saying we are going to a con this weekend? Well, here we are! We’re at Emiko’s Mini Convention in Kitchener-Waterloo. They’ve been going for 5 years strong, and we’re having lots of fun. We’re going to try and record a lot of content for you to […]

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Site Renovations Complete!

01 Mar 2013

I am happy to let you guys know that the renovations we have been making to the site are complete! Well more or less anyway. There are a few small things that are being tweaked still, but thats always the case I find, don’t you? So with this new site design is going to come […]

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Site Under Construction

28 Feb 2013

As you may have noticed by now, the site is looking kinda a little very different. We are in the process of updating the websites layout and the way it works. Its a somewhat slowish process that I have to take a break from to do that sleep thing that I hear is all the […]

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Welcome Liz Scarlet!

08 Jan 2013

2013 is the year of improvement and awesome. So with that, lets make one awesome improvement to the ranks of Pixels Edge. Join me in welcoming Liz Scarlet to Pixels Edge! Liz Scarlet is a comedian and an all around geek. Growing up playing retro video games we all love, going to conventions and everything […]

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Pixels Edge and 2013

08 Jan 2013

So we are just over a week into 2013 and oh boy are there a lot of plans in the works! This year is looking to be a good year! We are looking at adding a lot of new content to the site and a lot more often. There are new series in the works as […]

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