So we are just over a week into 2013 and oh boy are there a lot of plans in the works! This year is looking to be a good year! We are looking at adding a lot of new content to the site and a lot more often. There are new series in the works as well as new content creators!

Now you might be wondering what is this new content we are planning? Well I don’t want to give too much way, largely because I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep. There is a lot being thought up and we are looking forward too, but there is also a lot of planning that goes along with it. Some things also require us to book locations and venues to record certain series, again I am not going to give anything away. But needless to say, we at Pixels Edge are very excited!

You may notice things on the site have also been changing a bit, but we think its for the better! For example, there is a new comment section for the posts thats powered by Disqus. This allows for things like seeing popular comments, up voting, down voting all that jazz! There are a lot of other small changes we have been put in that you may or may not notice. Now all this work on the website and new series and planning, and given the fact we started doing all this during the holidays meant that things like the Live Stream and Pixelventure have been somewhat neglected Not by choice, but we only have so much time in a day. But now that a lot of the ground work has been finished, we hope to keep the content coming faster and better than ever!

Thanks for being a part of Pixels Edge, helping to grow it to what it is now, and to what it will become. Lets have an awesome 2013!