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This Journal Is Once Again Going On Hiatus

02 Jun 2014

I have a major announcement in the upcoming weeks about this journal. For now though, because nothing is properly official I cannot say what it is. Also I do not want to screw it up so it’s all hush hush for now. Stay tuned and we’ll have some amazing news planned along with some radical […]

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Yes An Epic Can Come From Anywhere

26 May 2014

It occurs to me in my pseudo review of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure that, despite my knowledge and fondness for the series I found myself at a loss for what to speak of once I was done summarizing. In turn, when I was thinking about what to speak of this week an outpour of words came […]

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Deadpool And The Changing Times

19 May 2014

Here’s something I’ve happened upon that I’d like to share with you. Recently I’ve started reading a Marvel comic; specifically that of Carnage Vs. Deadpool. While reading that I realized that I was witnessing a transition in the character of the Merc with the Mouth. A good portion of Deadpool’s personality is that he is […]

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A Review Of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure… Sort Of…

12 May 2014

Hooo boy. This is a hard one to write about. There’s certain anime that you point to (if you’re an anime fan) that you use to settle arguments about the quality of the medium. Conversely, there are examples of anime that completely and utterly destroy arguments about anime being a serious art medium. And then […]

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Where did we go?

30 Apr 2014

Hey guys, Tom here with another update! I know it’s been a while since we last gave you guys some news, so here we go! The big question is what have we been up to? As some of you might remember, about a year ago I lost my full time job. I basically took the […]

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Something I Plan To Read To My Children

28 Apr 2014

There’s a large consortium now of web journalists that are quite fixated on pushing any work that might feature a female protagonist to the forefront of human awareness. This is a process with which I have no strong objections or opinions because I know better than to shake that hornet’s nest. Or even look at […]

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He Would Have Everything If He Could See Beyond His Nose

21 Apr 2014

Despite my education it seems I’ve sorely missed that period where one discusses the themes and nature of Cyrano De Bergerac. As a result I’ve been often hesitant to ever approach a subject a discussion for fear that my analysis would be considered obvious and therefore trite. But, the subject of Cyrano is something quite […]

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Behold He, The Undisputed King Of All Monsters!

14 Apr 2014

I’ve gotten into several arguments lately about the upcoming Godzilla adaptation for western audiences. I’ve argued, vehemently, that the film will be a monstrous disappointment. But I’ve gone on hate tirades in the past on this journal and it’s never worked out well. So, instead, I’m going to rip the upcoming reboot completely out of […]

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