It occurs to me in my pseudo review of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure that, despite my knowledge and fondness for the series I found myself at a loss for what to speak of once I was done summarizing. In turn, when I was thinking about what to speak of this week an outpour of words came when I settled on a particular topic.

With Anime North around the corner (as of this writing) I feel remiss to not speak of something Anime related so close. In turn, I feel like discussing a classic Anime. In the venerated halls of ancient works of Japanese Animation each noted entry is beloved and lambasted within the same breath. People who love the Akira film are confronted with the massive issues it has. People who love Ninja Scroll are told how the work is mostly a pulp action film with little substance. People who love Ghost in the Shell are reminded that the sequel film sucks. People who like Neon Genesis Evangelion are told that they have bad taste. People who like Lone Wolf and Cub are told that no one’s read it.

And then there sits The Fist of the North Star.

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