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Fanfare Geekfest Announcement April 19

09 Mar 2014

Our good friend Big Mike is running a D20 Live like event at Fanfare Geek Fest this April! Updated on the event are best found over on the D20 Live Facebook page so give it a like!

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Pixel Finds – Art-o-con

21 May 2013

Just after we meet up with the Prouse Pottery & Soap Co guys we went to a local convention they had a booth at, Art-o-con. Its a cool little convention that features local artist and craftsmen showing off their abilities and selling too. There are was a lot of really impressive things there, and we […]

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Pixel Finds – Prouse Pottery and Soap Co.

21 May 2013

A few months back we went to the convention Con-G in Gulpeh Ontario. We made some new friends and got to know some of the vendors, one of them being Prouse Pottery and Soap Co. We talked with them for quite a while and got to learn how it all started and saw the passion […]

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Pixels Edge Interviews Rob Paulsen

25 Feb 2013

Hey everyone! Tom and Liz went to Con-G over the weekend and had a blast. While we were there, we were given the amazing chance to sit down and talk with voice actor, Rob Paulsen. Anyone growing up in th 80s and 90s knows Rob all too well as the voice of Raphael from TMNT, […]

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