Hey guys, Tom here with another update! I know it’s been a while since we last gave you guys some news, so here we go!

The big question is what have we been up to? As some of you might remember, about a year ago I lost my full time job. I basically took the year off to focus on the website and everything else that was going on at the time. Sadly there are things like rent, bills and groceries that all require money. I had an option to move to my family cottage or get a full time job again. I ended up getting a nice 9-5 office job again, but with a hell of a commute each way. This eats up a lot of my time and sadly means that the live streams are going to be cut back.
However, we have been working on some other things for the site! If you have been following us on twitter or on facebook then you may have seen some of the behind the scenes photos we posted. All the main filming has been completed and we’re working on post-processing. Unfortunately working a full time job does not leave me with a large amount of free time. So we have to pick and choose what we work on right away. We decided to minimize the streams to get the web series out faster. Right now we are going to focus on the editing and will bring back the streams when we have the time again.

So what does this mean for the streams? Well, they’re not totally disappearing. Whenever we have some spare time, we’re definitely going to hop online to play and chat with all of you. It just won’t be on the same schedule as before. If we are planning a stream, we will post about it on the site as well as all our social media. Make sure you’re following us on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date!

The webseries isn’t the only thing we have up our sleeve. The Pedgecast is coming back and it’s better than ever! Nas, Liz and I will be regularly recording and releasing several podcasts a month, with a whole ton of guests coming along for the ride. We’re really excited about it and we hope you are too!
We’re going to bring back Pixel Bits as well. If you don’t remember, Pixel Bits are our video shorts. They’re not too long and not too complicated, they’re just a quick bit of fun.
Last but not least, the site has been re-done. Since the creation of Pixels Edge I have persisted the Database across all its iterations. Different hosts, different hosting services (WordPress, PHPBB, etc). With everything that has happened over the years, it has grown and become a disgusting nightmare. I really didn’t even want to look at it. As much as it pained me, I have re-done the whole site including the Database. All the user accounts have been removed and they will need to be re-created. This was unavoidable and was the best course of action going forward. In this we reviewed the need for a forum and decided it wasn’t required. We felt is just made things more complicated, so instead we now have a sub-reddit of our very own!

So that’s what’s going on with us here at Pixel’s Edge. We’ve got so much content lined up, it’s insane. Keep checking out the site for more updates, some behind the scenes shots and a flood of fresh content. Don’t forget to re-create you Pixels Edge account and go give our subreddit some love!