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So I’m Into Monster Hunter Now

29 Jul 2013

  You know, just once I’d like to let a fandom walk past me without getting into it. Just once I’d like to be able to claim complete and total ignorance on something. If you’re wondering what I’m going on about there is a franchise called Monster Hunter from Capcom. It is a series of […]

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Predator And Stories Thereof

22 Jul 2013

I want to read more of the Predator expanded universe. That was random. Let me back up a bit. I have always loved the Predator. I didn’t really have much of a choice of it. When I was a younger lad my father would tell me bedtime stories. In lieu of something more… conventional he […]

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A Brief Sojurn Into Limbo

15 Jul 2013

In an effort to at least make some progress through the deluge of games that one acquires in Steam summer sales and Humble Indie bundles I decided to try and cut my way through at least one before Shadowrun Returns comes out and this journal is filled with articles on cyberpunk. So, I considered my […]

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Of Brawlers And Dungeon Explorers

08 Jul 2013

There’s a lot of different terms for video game genres that are often thrown around through ubiquity and then discarded shortly after. I can recall a time when games like R-Type and Gradius were referred to as shooters. Such a sweeter innocent time it was. Recently there’s been resurgence of another type of game known […]

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The Superman Talk

01 Jul 2013

I’m sure those of you here were expecting some sort of comment from me about the new blockbuster movie Man of Steel considering the ongoing diatribe I’ve made about superheroes in the past. Now I would except for two reasons: I haven’t actually seen the movie yet. I don’t want to enter the debate about […]

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The Legend Of The Final Dungeon

24 Jun 2013

Before I begin I must stress a few things. This is not something meant to mock history or the deaths of two men to whom I owe much of my recent success as well as the means by which I kept many of my friends together after University.  This is a tribute to the very […]

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Why Megatron Never Killed Starscream

17 Jun 2013

Don’t give me that look. It can’t always be heavy around here. Sometimes you’re going to get me prattling on about some sort of fandom or other. And yeah, betting that it would be the Transformers fandom isn’t an unwise bet. That said; let’s have some good old fashioned fanboy argument fun! Being a Transformers […]

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Of Ancient And Long Forgotten Tombs

10 Jun 2013

Recently I was looking at old Dungeons and Dragons adventure modules. To my young readers out there you might be asking what in the name of sanity I’m talking about. Let’s explain it. Back in the old days (1980s) a wonderful company called TSR (Tactical Studies Rules) scraped together enough money to create a company […]

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