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Toms October Marathon Stream – Thanks!

09 Oct 2012

This past weekend I did a huge marathon stream to do 2 things. Prove I am not dead, and gain some donations for the server. I think both goals were met and it all went over pretty damn well! The stream went on for 36 hours with a lot of different games largely decided by […]

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iPhone 5 Announced

12 Sep 2012

So Apple just properly announced the iPhone 5….. from what I saw I am not impressed. I am whelmed at best. I am going to go into detail from what I saw from the presentation today about the iPhone itself. The rest of it I honestly stopped paying attention after 1 line was said.

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Rumor: EA wants Valve

11 Sep 2012

Now this will come as somewhat of a shock I know but…. Steam is popular! *minds blown everywhere*. Steam is so popular that according to some people, it accounts for 70% of game sales / downloads on the net. As the New York Times put it: It has since become for games what iTunes is […]

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Toms Update #3.9523

10 Sep 2012

Hey peeps. Just a little write up for you! Remember, today is the last day to make use of the Discount code to get cheaper games on Game Fan Shop! The details and the code can be found Over Here on This Post. In the mean time, just so you guys are in the know, […]

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First Day Back, Have Cheap Games!

04 Sep 2012

So today is the first day back to school for a lot of people. To help you ease the pain of this very traumatizing experience I have some cheap games for you! As many know, you can click the Game Fan Shop banners here on the site or go to and gain access to […]

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ConBravo 2012

30 Jul 2012

So its Monday, first day back to work after ConBravo. It was a lot of fun if I do say so myself! This one I have some stories from, so lets jump right in!

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Ravaged: Closed Beta Keys

25 Jul 2012

Hey peeps! Last night one of the awesome people from the community hooked me up with 10 beta keys to give away for the closed beta of the new game Ravaged! This its pretty awesome and I am debating on how exactly should I give them away, but I think I might give a few […]

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Diablo 3 God Mode

23 Jul 2012

Ever wanted God Mode in Diablo 3 but were just so pissed that you couldn’t have it? Well….. Now you can if your a wizard!

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