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Valve will have a game console?

05 Mar 2012

There are a lot of rumors around the internet claiming Valve is going to be releasing their very own console and it will have Steam as its back end. I have to say this is really smart on Valves part, I haven’t seen them miss step yet and this would be a great idea for […]

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Minecraft Server – Tirinia

05 Mar 2012

For the people who don’t know, we have a Minecraft Server! Its called Tirinia. This server is a survival based server, open and has some mods on to help keep it nice and protected. I also just completed the upgrade to 1.2! You should come and join us! The address for the server is the […]

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Assassins Creed III Setting

01 Mar 2012

Seems there was a leak as to the setting of AC3, and confirmed! The new AC will take place during the American Revolution. That’s a huge shift from the places it has been so far IMO, and I like it. I can only imagine what will happen and what side are you on. I am […]

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23 Feb 2012

I just saw the trailer for Brave, the Pixar movie for this year. I have to say I am pumped! I love Pixar movies, they are always fun, exciting and even tug at your heart strings. Brave so far looks like a bad ass serious story of an young maiden forced into a life she […]

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Toms Challenge – February 22

22 Feb 2012

The first challenge went off so well, and I am bored so here comes another challenge! This one will go from today if you choose until the end of the month. Only on the work days, weekend is sanity time! How to play: Listen to the posted video for the day while at work or […]

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Steam(BETA) on Android and iPhone

15 Feb 2012

This isn’t really breakings news but I am suprised at the number of people who don’t know. Steam is out on the Android and iPhone. I say iPhone and not iOS because there isn’t an iPad version out yet *I checked*. the Beta was closed and you had to ask to join, usually met the […]

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Abridged Series

13 Feb 2012

For the people who don’t know, there are things on YouTube known as Abridged Series. They are basically a show that takes a popular show *Yu-Gi-Oh for example* edits the episodes to make a satire of it. They are normally around 5-10 minutes long per episode. I love them! Well the good ones, there are […]

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Toms Challenge – February 6 2012

06 Feb 2012

Because I am insane I propose a challenge, keep in mind I will be / already am doing it. The challenge is leave playing one of these links on each day while at work, assuming you work in an office or in some 9-5 fashion. There are different 10 hour videos posted on youtube! Monday: Taking […]

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