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Why I’m Excited About Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag

22 Apr 2013

  You know for all my talk and analysis that I blather on about here I like to think that I’ve left you readers with the impression that I am as prone to being excited and swayed from my opinion as the next person. That said, I should explain my feelings about the Assassin’s Creed […]

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Announcing Assassins Creed Charity!

19 Apr 2013

Hey guys! We have an exciting new project to announce. This July, we’ll be teaming up with ConBravo and Childs Play to bring you Assassins Creed Charity. ACC is an Assassins Creed full series marathon live stream. That’s right. We’re playing all of them, in a row. We have a great cast of players and […]

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Internet Woes and Bullying

15 Apr 2013

I mentioned in the moving day Part 2 video that we are getting new internet and we are not happy at all with it. Well here is the full explication as to why

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Shall We Reboot It?

15 Apr 2013

Rebooting a franchise has several very negative and even more immediate connotations to it. People often think about how comic book film franchises are often restarted so that the rights to the films are not defaulted back to their original owners such as with Spiderman and Batman leaving audiences to suffer every few years with […]

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Toms Moving Day – Part 2

14 Apr 2013

So I moved, it was a giant pain in the ass. We are still unpacking and likely going to be doing that for a long time now. But at least I am here in nerd / gaming heaven! Don’t believe me? Believe me now?

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Toms Moving Day – Part 1

12 Apr 2013

So its early in the morning, I am getting ready to get the truck and still throwing things in boxes cause I sure do think ahead…… While I was at it I recorded a little video for you guys!

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Not Just Any Caper, A Magic Caper!

08 Apr 2013

You know what? I’m getting tired about listening to myself talk about how to fix video games. I’m going to talk about caper stories. Actually, I want to talk about a specific one! Mistborn! When people pitch the book to new readers everyone typically says the same thing: “Imagine Ocean’s Eleven with magic!” Then people […]

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Should Legend Of Zelda Become An RPG?

01 Apr 2013

Short answer: No. But I can’t cheat like that. There’s been a growing circle of gamers and reviewers that feel that the Legend of Zelda franchise needs innovation. The franchise is known for… oh for shit’s sake it’s Zelda! You know what it’s infamous for! Great level design, puzzles, fantasy adventure, dungeon crawling, keys that […]

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