Rebooting a franchise has several very negative and even more immediate connotations to it. People often think about how comic book film franchises are often restarted so that the rights to the films are not defaulted back to their original owners such as with Spiderman and Batman leaving audiences to suffer every few years with a new version of the same story. And I do mean that. They’ve already announced a new Batman film is in the works. Kinda cold there Warner Bros. Kinda cold.

Unless you make Batman Beyond. Then I forgive you.

In most instances of this, it just doesn’t work, especially with film. Reading the same basic plot beats via different interpretations forces the creative team to continually find new ways of enthralling the audience. Otherwise all you’ll have is a group of people comparing your work to a preceding one and judging yours negatively.

Buuuuut…. I can’t just say that the entire idea of rebooting a franchise is bad.