So its Monday, first day back to work after ConBravo. It was a lot of fun if I do say so myself! This one I have some stories from, so lets jump right in!

It started out with me getting there at 1pm and getting badges didn’t start until 3, but I had time to kill. So I was walking around when I saw Big Mike from the 404’s chilling in the lobby waiting for people. He was eyeing me down but I was in a daze still half waking up and didn’t realize at first. So I came over and we talked for a bit about some stuff when the Con Chair *the guy who runs the thing* Mark comes up from behind and says hey. It seems Sam from Screw Attack was stuck in Toronto and didn’t have a ride. He was suppose to just drive up with AVGN but his flight was delayed and it threw things out of whack. Mark asked if I had a car and if I could give Sam a lift to the Con. I said sure why not!

So I drove over to A&C Games and picked up Sam, but also there happened to be who I was going on my walk to find in the first place, my friend Vito. He runs the Electronic Gaming section of the Con and asked me months ago if I could help out. Since Caitlin and I already had plans for the Con and all that I said I would help him out, but I wasn’t official volunteering. So we get back to the Con and after unloading the gear I follow Vito and help him setup the Games Room. It was a crazy task of setting it up between the dead wall sockets, the cables all over the place and just everything it amazing we got it open when we did. It was an hour later than it was suppose too but I think thats pretty good considering!

Just as we got the room setup Caitlin got to the Con, she had to work sadly cause someone else booked the day off. I was going back and forth from the games room to the lobby to see if she was there yet cause her phone died on route to the Con. She was cleaver and used the Hotels courtesy phone…. I honestly forgot that was an option. We instantly went to get food cause it was now around 7:15ish and we were starving. Got some Tukers Market Place and it was honestly the best Tukers I have had yet. We have gone to a few but this one has been the best so far!

We went to the 404s 18+ show and it was a blast! I still highly recommend going to see them or watch them or anything! They make me laugh PG or R. The rest of the time was pretty standard Con experience until the Panel on Saturday which was pretty awesome considering it was our first ever panel! We have a total of about 20 or so people come to the panel in total. I heard the Live Stream was hard to hear and that sucks. The huge fan blower thing they had too keep the room cool made it so we could barely hear ourselves. But I am pretty happy with how it turned out, considering it was the first panel we had been too / run. Ever. I think we will try and do more of them since there seems to be a general interest in doing them. One of the Panel goers actually asked if I would make the PowerPoint available for download. And the answer is click here!

So that was pretty much ConBravo quickly summed up! It was a really fun time and I look forward to next year!