I am happy to let you guys know that the renovations we have been making to the site are complete! Well more or less anyway. There are a few small things that are being tweaked still, but thats always the case I find, don’t you? So with this new site design is going to come more content!

We have a new column that is going to be added to the site as of next week. This is being written by Big Mike from the 404’s! Its gonna be a good time, I hope you guys are excited for it!

There are some new video series that are going to be added to the site very soon. Things like our own Table Top, some others I don’t want to give away, and an animated show Epic Quest! This one I am really excited for, I have been planning it for a few years but just haven’t had the ability to have it animated. That challenge is about to vanish however!

I hope you guys are liking the new site design and looking forward to all the new content that is heading your way. Let us know what you think of it all in the comments