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Tom Talks – The Hobbit

26 Dec 2012

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Top 10 Games Series

06 Apr 2012

Here is my Top 10 Games series!

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Toms Update – April 3rd

03 Apr 2012

Here is a little up date for you guys as to the state of things. I know I haven’t done much in the past week or so, but I assure you I am hard at work! I have been out and about getting many things together, and *if all goes well* that should all come […]

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Tom Talks – The Hunger Games

27 Mar 2012

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Tom Talks Intro

21 Mar 2012

I finally made the intro video for Tom Talks to welcome everyone to it! Check it out! Now I have a deadline…. damnit

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30 Jan 2012

So FFXIII-2 comes out tomorrow, got a call last night from EB Games to remind me about it. I have to say I am pretty excited. I enjoyed XIII well enough, there were just way to many game breaks to make it fun. The biggest of all was if you dropped you lost the fight, […]

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