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My Hobby Got Too Expensive For Me

03 Feb 2014

As someone with a relatively modest income it’s occasionally hard to justify a leisure purchase. I’ve heard stories of my fellow collectors who break the bank trying to complete physical collections of products and god bless them for trying! And when you think of geek collectors compared to someone who owns artwork, antiques, cars, the […]

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A Retro Revival

29 Jan 2014

So, I’m noticing something weird these days. Actually, it’s a subject of interest rather than confusion. If you believe the reports there is a massive popularity resurgence for classic video games. This holds especially true for classic NES (Nintendo) and SNES (Super Nintendo) games. That much is rather understandable and rather unsurprising if you think […]

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How And Why This Journal Is Taking A Hiatus

04 Nov 2013

Well the honest answer is that for the past few months I’ve been way behind where I want to be on these entries. I haven’t been able to keep ahead of my schedule and as a result my work as a whole suffered for it. This was made more evident to me when I did […]

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Why You Really Shouldn’t Like The Bourne Films

04 Nov 2013

I think I should explain why I hate the Bourne Trilogy. Mostly because I’ve had this discussion a lot lately and any time I do that I usually create a journal entry about it. And this one’s bothered me for a year. Because everyone has the opinion that the Bourne Trilogy of films is somehow […]

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The Cthulhu Mythos and I

28 Oct 2013

I think with all the things that I’ve talked about and professed an expertise or an opinion on it would only be fair for me to comment on that which I don’t know and as a result, be forced to research it, the overall themes thereof and see if I can reconcile my differences with […]

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Why I Backed Mighty No. 9 And Why I’m Not Nervous

21 Oct 2013

So I backed Mighty No. 9. For some of you that probably comes as no surprise as I think everyone did. For some of you who know me better you might realize it as a surprise since I only own Mega Man 5 and even then I’ve never beaten it. I’ve beaten Mega Man X […]

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So I’m playing Pokémon

14 Oct 2013

However unlike the rest of the planet I didn’t get Pokémon X or Y. Let me go back a bit. When I was a significantly younger tot, but not that much shorter, I was into Pokémon. Which isn’t much of a surprise considering the entire planet was into Pokémon when I was into Pokémon. Though […]

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Let’s Talk About The Ending Of Transformers Prime

06 Oct 2013

I swear I had other articles planned. I’ve actually already started two. But… screw it I just saw the final movie so I’m going to write about what’s in my head and in my heart. So let’s talk about the ending of Transformers Prime: Predacons Rising. If I’m talking about this finale then I have […]

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