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Of Challenge And Demon’s Crests

31 Mar 2014

It’s good that there’s a clear niche market for difficult video games. On top of that now more than ever it seems there’s a clear divide between games that implement good design features with unique challenges the players learn from. Instead of, you know, just arbitrary increases in damage and health and such. That’s why […]

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The Not So Secret Secret Of Santa Vittoria

24 Mar 2014

It looks like the classic film kick isn’t ending anytime soon. Which I find perfectly fine since this journal takes on an entirely new shape and form. Ish. Anyway. The Secret of Santa Vittoria is a film created in 1969 based off of a massively award winning book realized in 1966 with the same name, […]

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This Hand Of Mine Types With An Awesome Power!

17 Mar 2014

Some folk out there might point and complain about Gundam Build Fighters, stating that it isn’t a true Gundam series and is nothing more than a toy commercial that completely invalidates the spirit of Gundam set forth with the original series. However, that is a small margin of people considering the fact that this sucker […]

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The Hidden Value Of A Good Film

10 Mar 2014

There is a film out there that I think has tremendous merit and value. It displays an analysis of the relationships between men and women and most importantly a lot of the misconceptions men have about women. Unlike many others that attempt the same, this particular film casts a nervous, jittery, overworked husband as the […]

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The Five Characters You Always See In RPGs

03 Mar 2014

Despite what experts tell you, there are really only five types of characters in every single pen and paper RPG ever. And I’m not saying something silly like “The Attention Whore.” Or “The Rules Lawyer” or “The Mary Sue.” Because those sorts of lists are the ones typically written by game masters that need to […]

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Warfame Or How I Was Finally Sucked Into A MMO

24 Feb 2014

A long time ago I made a bet with several of my friends. You see during the glory days of MMOs, you know when free to play was a possibility and not an inevitability, my friends would jump from one MMO to the next as the new releases tantalized them. However, in their rush to […]

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Hire Hungry Samurai. At Least Seven.

17 Feb 2014

Despite however cynical life may ever make me I like to believe that there are certain great works that, even though we may not completely understand them, nor the symbols lying within, we can still stand in awe of them regardless of who we are and where we come from. That is why I can’t […]

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Me and Myst

10 Feb 2014

Is it wrong that a lot of my practical science knowledge was taught to me by playing Myst? I’m actually kind of serious on this one. I don’t know where Myst sits in the great hierarchy of video games as I rarely ever see any kind of tribute to the game. I mean, I’ve found […]

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