It looks like the classic film kick isn’t ending anytime soon. Which I find perfectly fine since this journal takes on an entirely new shape and form. Ish.

Anyway. The Secret of Santa Vittoria is a film created in 1969 based off of a massively award winning book realized in 1966 with the same name, written by Robert Crichton. So for all you people condemning the process, studios have adapted books into films for years. It’s just that some really shitty books are popular right now.

What the fuck is Divergent anyway?

Moving on! The film is something I was introduced to in the last few years and it’s largely one of the major factors that got me into watching classic films. In many ways it can be contrasted against Seven Samurai with the plot. But when I say that I certainly do not compare the two because the overall theme, structure, and methodology of resolving conflict are entirely different between the two films. I’d dare say the Guns of Navarone is closer, thematically, to Seven Samurai. I’d dare but I haven’t seen the former yet so I can only make limited speculation on that.

On to The Secret of Santa Vittoria.

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