A long time ago I made a bet with several of my friends. You see during the glory days of MMOs, you know when free to play was a possibility and not an inevitability, my friends would jump from one MMO to the next as the new releases tantalized them. However, in their rush to get onto a new MMO game they would inevitably try and conscript me. Since I was significantly more cagey and cynical I made them a bet: If they kept playing any MMO beyond six months I would join them. As a result I watched and laughed as they bought lifetime passes, collector’s editions and other such nonsense as each of them dropped like flies. I honestly thought Guild Wars 2 might have been the breaker but they skirted right by it, at long last as jaded about the prospect as I was.

And then, finally, one of them made good.

So now I’m playing Warframe.

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