This is unexpected. Yeah, unexpected. I mean, I just did a few double takes at this one, then checked it on Forbes to make sure that it was real.

By now many of you will know about the new model of 3DS known as the 2DS. The idea is to make a price-reduced entry level handheld that comes with none of the risks of the 3D effects. You see, it’s advised that developing children (under the age of seven) not use the 3D function because their vision is still developing.

Despite this the 3DS is the dominant handheld console… in existence only beaten by mobile platforms if you individually consider them as such. As a result it is often the prerogative of parents to give their children a handheld console for much of the reasons you can imagine, car rides, children having a lot of energy and running around, also the fact that they enjoy taking games to homes of friends to play multiplayer.

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