Recently I’ve gotten excited about a game that’s come out that isn’t titled The Last of Us. It’s actually called Divinity Dragon Commander.

In it you play a man who is half dragon and thus can transform into a dragon. You are the bastard son of the late king and after your father was slain by your siblings you were conscripted to take charge of the remnants of your father’s army mostly on the basis of the fact that you were:

A)     As mentioned, a dragon.

B)      Not evil.

So you’re given a massive skyship that is powered by means I won’t spoil (but are quite awesome) and are told that through a unique sequence of events, both magic and technology live in harmony in this world. As a result you are given a first, free piece of technological equipment to help you on the battlefield while you lead your troops in military engagements against your evil siblings.

This item is a jetpack.

You play a dragon with a jetpack.

Now can someone tell me why I get so many strange looks when I tell people that?

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