Tom, our illustrious overlord has seen fit to wish for more written content upon his webpage. In that fit of madness he sought the aid of a lunatic so twisted and maligned that the very bastions of good prose and sensible logical flow were forever lost to him.

Namely me.

Who am I? I am Big Mike of the 404s, resident GM of These Warriors are Terrible and founder of D20 Live. What you probably don’t know is that I keep a little journal of my mental ramblings and thoughts on various mediums including comic books, video games, novels, board games, movies. Anything I damn well want because it’s mine and none of you can stop me! AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!

Anyway, a few things before we begin. I don’t claim to be an expert in any of the things I talk about save in the art of writing itself which is my actual training. Even then I still consider myself a student. As such I encourage all of you to contest and debate me on the ideas I present. If you point out the mistakes I’ve made in my research I will usually immediately go into the journal entry and edit them as soon as I see them and thank you for letting me know. If you have a contrasting viewpoint for the reply section I will typically allow the reply to go up unless it’s fairly derogatory. I insist that you discuss what I have to say so long as they remain just intellectual discussions and not full on arguments or the like.

With that, allow me to take you to my first entry here from Pixel’s Edge: Jack and The Van Helsing Treatment