So less than one I find myself writing another entry on how people can’t play a game because of online DRM restrictions. Things tend to happen in twos on this journal.

Ah yes, SimCity. The fifth iteration (if you don’t count societies) of the illustrious simulation game franchise that launched Will Wright into a career which would only end at Spore and radically changed gaming as we know it.

I do believe that, strongly, that SimCity did indeed change gaming as a comprehensive whole. It demanded a much more intuitive level of gamers to work in a game that had no real clear end objective beyond mere survival. While I can’t state definitively that it was the first simulation game of its kind it is a clear starting point for the concept that was later refined in SimCity 2000. Ahh, the days when calling something 2000 was trendy. Good old 1993.

But anyway. I’m sure many of you know what’s going on.