When I first heard about the game Defiance about a month ago I was immediately suspicious of the title as it was a console and PC release that I hadn’t heard of.

Let me explain: all true game developers and publishers suffer from something I like to call fear. Fear that their title will not make back what money they’ve put into it. That’s why major publishers will spend years developing a title after announcing it and even threaten to cancel it. It isn’t because they’ve found bugs or simply suffering from financial straits. It is entirely to put the consumer into frenzy about the game and keep interest.

So when a game like Defiance comes out that doesn’t subscribe to the advertising through fear system it means that the studio behind it doesn’t feel fear, which means that not only do they think they have security (which is an elaborate lie told to them by the publisher’s lawyers) they also think that what they’ve developed is so good that it can stand under its own merit. That is, of course, the highest order of bullshit. All video games need press just as the developers need to feel fear because fear makes them work harder and produce better product.
But… enough of me bullshitting you. Let’s talk about Defiance.