It occurs to me that, given the amount of things I’ve talked about up until this point I haven’t spoken about what some of you may call my new claim to fame: RPGs.

New being a relative term as I’ve been roleplaying since 2003 and I’ve only become remotely known for it in the last year.

I would give a tutorial on how to pick your first RPG and lessons on game mastering but to be honest, I’ve attempted such things during earlier iterations of this journal and they haven’t been that remarkable.

Also there are countless videos on how to roleplay and run a roleplaying session available online and I encourage you to research them. Me giving my little two bits on the matter will only dilute attention away from much more high quality work then what I can produce here. Plus, I really don’t think that there’s any one good way to game master in the first place. There are guidelines sure, but no fixed style that decisively works.

For those of you who simply can’t decide on an RPG, to play, just decide what you want out of that RPG experience including the type of gameplay. I guarantee you can find one that accommodates your needs if you start asking local vendors. Go look at some books and decide which mechanics and setting you want.

No, today I’d like to talk about a minor problem in RPGs depending on your own experience. However I’ve noticed recently that I’ve been bitching about things without really offering a solution to them. Since I don’t want to become stagnant nor become a cookie-cutter internet personality I’m going to take you through that problem and give you some solutions on how to overcome it.