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First Time Game Tester: High Moon

22 Mar 2014

I saw the trailer for the High Moon mobile app a while ago, and I was stoked. When Stephen Gibson (the games’ creator) sent me his rulebook for the card game I was pretty skeptical. The game had a ton of potential on my phone, but I didn’t think it would flow too well as […]

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Tash-Kalar : Let the Games Commence!!!

21 Mar 2014

I can’t speak from personal experience but from my limited time with the many genres of games abstract’s are among the toughest to design. Your rules & mechanics have to be sharpened to a perfect edge, you’ll imbue it with every bit of modicum  you can manage, try to make it as appealing as possible  […]

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Stick of Truth – Part 10: Final Battle

18 Mar 2014

We thought the ManBearPig battle was a pain in the ass, well this fight is a cake walk compared to this fight. We must get the stick back at all cost’s!

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Stick of Truth – Part 9: Oh Canada

17 Mar 2014

We are finally heading up here to the great white north! Its so wonderful and magical up here, I can’t wait to see the royal family and pay my respects to the Princess of Canada

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This Hand Of Mine Types With An Awesome Power!

17 Mar 2014

Some folk out there might point and complain about Gundam Build Fighters, stating that it isn’t a true Gundam series and is nothing more than a toy commercial that completely invalidates the spirit of Gundam set forth with the original series. However, that is a small margin of people considering the fact that this sucker […]

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Stick of Truth – Part 7: Taco Bell

15 Mar 2014

With ManBearPig finally out of the way and not spamming our inbox anymore its time to move on to the bigger threat facing the town, Taco Bell!

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Stick of Truth – Part 6: ManBearPig

14 Mar 2014

We are getting in tight in the Goth Kids, but there is this almost president that just won’t leave us alone so we are going to have to do something about it!

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Stick of Truth – Part 5: Going Goth

13 Mar 2014

That first disturbing night in this quiet little mountain town gave us yet another interesting power with our butt to use as we see fit. So we are going to quickly jump around and test it out then try and become one with the goth

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