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Board Games ‘R US

14 Feb 2014

Hello all. Some of you may remember me as Dr. Literal, some of you may not remember me at all. But either way, I’m Nasir, and I’m into board games. So what does this have to do with Pixel’s Edge? Well, you see, Tom and Liz are starting their journey into the wonderful world of […]

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Pixels Edge Live – Feb 14, 2014 – Fan Friday

14 Feb 2014

Today is Fan Friday! The votes are in from last weeks post and it seems like World of Warcraft has won with Borderlands 2 in second. Now with the new Final Fantasy XIII just having come out I could continue streaming that, or stick to the Fan Friday votes and pick it up again possibly […]

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League of Legends – Episode 08

13 Feb 2014

This is going to be my first time playing with a character thats not Nocturne as usual. Totally different play style and I have a hard enough time with Nocturne… but he has a high difficultly level This video was taken from the Live stream hosted right here on Pixels Edge every weekday!

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