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E3 coverage is back on

20 Jan 2012

Pixels Edge will now be covering E3 again…. Well watching the events then posting about them. Why the sudden change? Because ESA has dropped support for SOPA / PIPA. The internet came together and has done what it does best. Work together for the common goal. Well I guess thats 2nd best. The best thing […]

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E3 Boycott

20 Jan 2012

[rokbox title=”E3 Boycott” thumb=”” size=”854 505″ album=”serious”];hd=1&autoplay=1[/rokbox]The Internet Blackout on January 18th was awesome! So many websites took part, as we are a new site we didn’t go down, but we have expressed our opinion on SOPA/PIPA. If I lived in the states I would have contacted the reps 10 times over. But I am […]

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Picards Message

19 Jan 2012

While I may not do the daily random, here is something I just stumbled across and I have to say its very well put. I also love TNG so what do I know [rokbox title=”Picards Message” thumb=”” size=”854 505″ album=”random”]>;hd=1&autoplay=1[/rokbox]

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Pixels Edge is alive!

15 Jan 2012

Today Pixels Edge is officially live and ready for viewing! We just finished recording the first of Pixels Edge Podcast that we will have out for you some time this week. This will be a weekly podcast so I hope you enjoy it! There is going to be lots of other content to come out […]

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