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The Internet Blackout on January 18th was awesome! So many websites took part, as we are a new site we didn’t go down, but we have expressed our opinion on SOPA/PIPA. If I lived in the states I would have contacted the reps 10 times over. But I am in Canada and can’t do much more than spread the word.

Pixels Edge loves videos games, and more what can be done with them. One of the biggest events is E3, Electronics Entertainment Expo, that happens every year. Millions of people watch for the latest console to be announced, what must have games are going to launch, Is Half Life 3 going to come out this year, ETC. E3 is put on by the ESA, Entertainment Software Association, which is the lobbying arm of the gaming industry. Now it saddens me to say but the ESA is supporting SOPA/PIPA. E3 is their biggest source of revenue, so there is a new cry out on the internet.

Boycott E3.

What does this mean? Well it means many websites and news publications are not going to attend, watch, or report on E3. Given that we are new and wouldn’t have gone anyway, I would have been watching the keynotes and giving updates to you guys. But since this has come to light Pixels Edge will NOT be taking any part in E3. Please contact your favorite publishers, companies, reviewers and whoever else you can think of to not attend E3 until the ESA pulls it support from SOPA/PIPA