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League of Legends – Episode 03 (Fixed)

06 Feb 2014

This is the updated episode 3 of the League of Legends series, the previous version was flagged for music in the background which was admittedly my fault. So I went and took some time to gather all the music I currently like and have permission to use to avoid that in the future! This video […]

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League of Legends – Episode 03

29 Jan 2014

The video was getting a content match for a song in the background. Need to re-record it I think I am slowly but surly getting the hang of this, granted its going to take a while since I am stubborn and don’t learn terribly fast… But I am getting there! Make sure you are subscribed […]

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League of Legends – Episode 02

28 Jan 2014

Its about time I upgraded from AI mobs to actual people. Lets see how well I stand up against these people… or how long I am able to stay alive before I die over and over again… I will figure this out sooner or later! Make sure you are subscribed to the YouTube channel to […]

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League of Legends – Episode 01

27 Jan 2014

I have had a long standing battle with MOBA games, not much caring for them over all. My biggest issue has always been falling super far behind early and just being useless. Well with how popular the game is and how many of my friends play it I decided it would be best if I […]

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