Here is a quick update to keep you guys informed on whats going on here at Pixels Edge. As you can see, the podcast came out on Tuesday and has gotten a great reception so far *Thanks for all the feed back! Keep it coming!*. Thanks to everyone who gave it the ups on iTunes.

The Daily Randoms have been going strong. Todays I loved and was going WTF while not giving a frak.

Literal Reviews *name I just made up. This will probably change* has had its first post!

Tom Talks will have a video out by next week at the latest. I had issues with my PC this past while and just did a full re-install so that set me back some.

Epic Quest is very much under way. Progress is taking time, but its getting there and I think people will be happy with it.

I have been working pretty hard on the new PML *Pro Minecraft League* with Rob from Unforgotten Realms. We have been streaming it over at his live stream for the past few nights and have another planned for tonight. Come check it out and see what its all about. Don’t forget I have a live stream as well and have been keeping it up too

Site improvements – Social Bar. Some of you may notice the bar at the base of the site has had some new additions. I have added Reddit, Stumble and Google+ buttons for promoting the site! On the other side there is a new G+ link as well, this one is for the Pixels Edge G+ page

Thats about it for this update.