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Stick of Truth – Part 7: Taco Bell

15 Mar 2014

With ManBearPig finally out of the way and not spamming our inbox anymore its time to move on to the bigger threat facing the town, Taco Bell!

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Stick of Truth – Part 6: ManBearPig

14 Mar 2014

We are getting in tight in the Goth Kids, but there is this almost president that just won’t leave us alone so we are going to have to do something about it!

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Stick of Truth – Part 5: Going Goth

13 Mar 2014

That first disturbing night in this quiet little mountain town gave us yet another interesting power with our butt to use as we see fit. So we are going to quickly jump around and test it out then try and become one with the goth

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Stick of Truth – Part 4: Visitors!

12 Mar 2014

We are in the basement of the local tavern on a quest to seek out the Bard who has the stick of truth and will be giving it to the wood elfs!

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Stick of Truth – Part 3: Detention Bust

11 Mar 2014

We made a bunch more friends and now we are on a mighty quest! A quest to free our friends from detention and help us in our fight to get the stick back! The video was taken from the launch day stream hosted right here on Pixels Edge

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Stick of Truth – Part 2: Tower of Peace

10 Mar 2014

We went outside like our parents wanted us too and we made some friends… Its just one of them is Cartman… Not sure if thats a good thing or not just yet. So we are out collecting his army but making some new friends while we are at it, there is that awesome tower we […]

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Stick of Truth – Part 1: New Kid

09 Mar 2014

We are the new kid moving into the quiet mountain town of South Park with out parents next to Butters. After moving in our parents suggest we should go outside and make some friends, nothing bad could happen in this little quiet mountain town I’m sure… The video was taken from the launch day stream […]

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