Hey guys! Remember on the stream I have been saying we are going to a con this weekend? Well, here we are! We’re at Emiko’s Mini Convention in Kitchener-Waterloo. They’ve been going for 5 years strong, and we’re having lots of fun. We’re going to try and record a lot of content for you to check out, as well as keep you updated on twitter and facebook! Its gonna be a fun time. You can follow @PixelsEdge, myself (@ThePhat32) and Liz (@MzScarlett) for tons of pictures and silliness.

But you know whats even cooler? The fact that we are one of the sponsors of the con! We are on the t-shirt and everything! Isn’t that neat? Tonight *Saturday March 16th* there is going to be a masquerade at Kitchener City Hall, that yours truly will be a judge in! Its gonna be a fun fun fun time. If your in the area or near by and looking for something to do, I say come on down and hang out and have some fun. We are here all weekend!