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Tom Talks – Vlog #5 – Where is Vlog 4?

20 Jun 2015

So I was really boring for a solid week and had nothing at all to talk about. But here is this weeks video, a little late but still here!

Vlog to the Face: Persona 4 vs. Persona 4 the Golden

10 Sep 2014


Today Sam talks about the differences between the Persona 4 and Persona 4 the Golden games.

Vlog to the Face: A NEW ALLY APPEARS!

14 Aug 2014

I talk about the awesome people who help this show stay alive.

Vlog to the Face: Why Sam Isn’t Reviewing the Next Anime Review

01 Aug 2014

Toms Moving Day – Part 1

12 Apr 2013

So its early in the morning, I am getting ready to get the truck and still throwing things in boxes cause I sure do think ahead…… While I was at it I recorded a little video for you guys!


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