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Stick of Truth – Part 10: Final Battle

18 Mar 2014

We thought the ManBearPig battle was a pain in the ass, well this fight is a cake walk compared to this fight. We must get the stick back at all cost’s!

Stick of Truth – Part 9: Oh Canada

17 Mar 2014

We are finally heading up here to the great white north! Its so wonderful and magical up here, I can’t wait to see the royal family and pay my respects to the Princess of Canada

Stick of Truth – Part 8: NSFW

16 Mar 2014

This video is REALLY NSFW for at least the first 20min or so. I would not recommend watching this if you work in some kinda office space and you don’t want to feel super awkward the whole time, but if that’s your thing then go on and check it out!

Stick of Truth – Part 7: Taco Bell

15 Mar 2014

With ManBearPig finally out of the way and not spamming our inbox anymore its time to move on to the bigger threat facing the town, Taco Bell!

Stick of Truth – Part 6: ManBearPig

14 Mar 2014

We are getting in tight in the Goth Kids, but there is this almost president that just won’t leave us alone so we are going to have to do something about it!


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