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Blue in the Face Reviews: Steins;Gate

17 Sep 2014

Sam jumps world lines as she reviews Steins;Gate

Extra Links:

Mike Dodd: www.thisweekingeek.net
Tristan Gallant: www.glassreflection.com

Vlog to the Face: Persona 4 vs. Persona 4 the Golden

10 Sep 2014


Today Sam talks about the differences between the Persona 4 and Persona 4 the Golden games.

Blue in the Face Reviews: Guardians of the Galaxy

03 Sep 2014


Sam and Matt review a movie that’s really out of this world. Blue In The Face Review: Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Blue In the Face Reviews: Dragon Age 2

20 Aug 2014

Sam chronicles the beginning of Bioware’s downward spiral, as Blue In The Face Reviews: Dragon Age 2

Vlog to the Face: A NEW ALLY APPEARS!

14 Aug 2014

I talk about the awesome people who help this show stay alive.


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