Just a little update to some things I have been planning for TPL.

Game – more and more people are into the Final Fantasy XIII-2 stream it seems so I am gonna keep that doing, as well as some TF2 nights. From time to time I will do Gaming by the Die which is honestly a lot of fun.

Mobile Live Streams – this one I tested out the other day and it seems like it can be fun. I go to a few conventions a year, just some local ones and in time I plan to do more. Well the first test will be at Anime North, I gave it a test and I can stream on the go without much issue! So I can live stream my time at Anime North and maybe an event or 2. Ideally the best one would be the Masquerade but we will see.

PML – I co-host the PML so that takes up the stream time as well.