Little update for you guys who want me to play some games in the stream like TF2 and a like. Well here it is!

I bought a new router thanks to you guys, I got the Cisco E4200 which replaced my WRT 310N. My download speeds jumped from 18Mbps to 35Mbps! Thats huge! Now my upload is still clocking at just barely 1Mbps. So thats why I also ordered a new internet package that has 7Mbps! Thats 7 times the upload! The stream is going to be in a much higher quality……… Next week. The install date for my internet is March 21st between the hours of noon – 9pm. So its on its way. Stay tuned, I am planning this weekend we are gonna have another mega stream I think. With the router I hope I will be able to play at least a single player game. We will attempt some TF2 at some point and see what happens.

Once again huge thanks to anyone who donated towards the show, without you it wouldn’t be possible. I have updated the Donation plugin. If you click the Donate button to the left here you can see what I am talking about. Basically it takes you to the new and improved Donate page. On there you can choose to donate, even with a monthly recurrance. But in addition you can leave your name and comments and it will appear on the brand new Donator Wall!