For the people who already follow TPL they know I have been having some internet issues lately. My provider is getting super bogged down with traffic on the package I have, so the other day I placed an order with them for a new much more upgraded package. The rep said *and this was on TPL so people heard it* “You will be billed for this on your next bill” and I confirmed this with him many times. Well I found out today thats not the case at all. I will have to pay for it up front then they will book a time to install it 5 days after the payment date. Thats not a huge surprise, thats how they installed my net before too.

What does this mean? Well it means I won’t have my super net until next week at some point. But it also means I won’t have the new router just yet either. You guys donated during the weekend stream and gave me enough funds to get the amazing router. Sadly I am going to have to use that money to instead get the internet. So I am not getting that router just yet. With the demand of the people I have added a Donation meter to the side bar, and its going towards the router. You can see the active progress in getting towards it and all that jazz. Keep in mind there is no expectation you will donate, only do if you want and you want to support what we do here.