I just wanted to give a huge thanks to everyone who was at the stream over the weekend.

This past weekend I did a live stream where I played and beat Assassins Creed Revelations for the first time ever! It was a lot of fun, except we encountered a problem…. My internet. I live in a huge city and everyone everywhere is using the internet and the node I connect too was so full it was throttling connections to ensure it stayed active and people could use the internet. So I called my company and we placed an order on a new internet package that contains 7 times the upload capacity I have now and it has far less traffic! That will be installed on Thursday.

That was only one part of the issue. The other half is my router. My router is a few years old and seems t be showing its age. After a few hours of activity it because so slow it was near unusable. I was forced to periodically restart my router and the stream because of it. I found some routers I wanted to get but like all things it cost money. Well the stream stepped up and used that donation button on the left and sent in some donations to solve that dilemma. That money is being transferred to my account as we speak and come Thursday I should have it and will be buying the new router!

I just wanted to give a huge thanks to everyone who helped out. Be it by watching the stream and getting the viewer count up, or here on Pixels Edge and letting the Ads do there thing, or directly sent in donations. Every bit helps! So this weekend expect a new and improved stream! Assuming it all goes as planned. In case you don’t know, the stream is Toms Phat LEWT and can be watched here on Pixels Edge by going to the Shows tab and selecting Toms Phat LEWT or going directly to pixelsedge.net/live.