Anime North is so much fun! Its very hard to describe but its awesome. The con starts up many years ago and the central focus is of course Anime, it ran for 2 days and had a few hundred people. Fast forward over a decade later and you have a the largest fan-run con in Canada. Upwards of 20,000+ people per day attend. The main focus is of course still Anime, but its not limited to just that. It speaks to all kinds of geek, nerd and general fans of stuff. You are always going to see the Mistys and the Pikachus, along side The Doctors and Pedo-bear.

One of the fun things to do at Anime North is attend some of the huge events. They have a world recognized Masquerade, J-Raves every night that we could hear from the hotel room, balls for the classy people and more.

One of the mores is a comedy troupe called The 404s. They are hilarious and one of the huge highlights to go and see. This year they ran 5 shows, and we went to all but 1 of them. The late night one we actually left one 404 show when it finished at 8pm and went and formed the line for the 10pm adult late night show that didn’t start until 11 because the Masquerade went long. So we waited for 3 hours on the stairs, and boy was it worth it. The adult show is for 18+ only. There is swearing like no tomorrow…………. but there is a special treat……… Its the pants off show. At the end of every skit there is a vote on who takes off their pants. The girls will usually lose them first of course. All of the shows are a great time, if you are in the Toronto of Alberta area I highly recommend checking them out! They preform at various cons and bars and other venues. Follow them on twitter for their updates!

But then there is also the huge fun in just walking around the dealers room, artist alley, and the ground itself! When we are done in the dealer room we just walk the ground for hours at a time *I can’t stand now. Thats not even a joke I actually can’t* and its awesome seeing all the costumes, fans, and just general…….. awesomeness! I made a quick video showing some of what we saw there this year

This year we also did a bit of a live stream. Sorry there wasn’t more, we got wrapped up and I forgot to bring the iPad with me on Saturday to stream. If you want check them out on the twitch page, they are in the video archives! You can see the dealer room and more!

Here is a video for the people the youtube is blocked for!

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