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New mix is up! (Including many of my old ones!)

18 Aug 2012

So, thanks to Tom, I have a lot more space on soundcloud! So I have uploaded a LOT more of my tracks! Newest being a collection of tracks I heard in the club last month and a bit! has all of my mixes.

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Deadpool Vs.

20 Jul 2012


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Power Up! Released!

04 Jul 2012

Hey all, this is my 2nd mix for Pixels Edge. I attempted to make it a much more pumpish style mix, but it has soft spots too, gotta have spots to enjoy how much you rape too!

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Preview of my newest mix

04 Jul 2012

Just a short little snippet of the tracks i am putting in my new mix! Almost done guys, sorry for delay! Literally quick and dirty, just shot it together in a period shorter than the track itself muahahah.

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Entirely off beat, but really good.

03 Jul 2012

The title says it all; I enjoyed it, i hope you do too. Beautiful African woman plays guitar in a slightly non-traditional manner.

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Nonononono Or is it Yumyumyumyumyumyum

15 Jun 2012

Absolutley hilarious DayZ video.. Yes.. This is how this game feels everytime we play it on stream, and why I am constantly going insane during streams.  

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Day Z: IRL

28 May 2012

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Just a mix I did.

26 May 2012

Hey all, I remember saying a while ago on stream I would make a dubstepish live mix, so here it is!

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